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A key factor of any successful organisation is their “great people”. These people form a community who believe in the organisation’s reason for being and are committed to delivering valuable outcomes. In the same way, a community of learners in an organisation form a powerful and supportive group who encourage and inspire each other to learn. Using ACC programs, tools and support materials, the staff can be part of the professional development journey – firstly as individuals and then as a community – ultimately delivering high quality outcomes for the older people they care for.

ACC valued members have a strong sense of community and a commitment to ongoing learning. They are supported by ACC and nurtured by the leaders, managers, educators and supervisors of the organisations we work with. For more information about joining the ACC Community of Learning, please contact us here. 

Home Care Nursing Group - ACC Member Stories

Enterprise wide learning at Home Nursing Group

“We have learnt that a career path should be available to care staff and to keep learning in order to keep abreast of health care changes can only be beneficial for the individual staff member, the client and the organisation. A skill set learnt many years ago, should periodically be revisited because that’s the kind of care that counts. RNs and Drs must revise and justify their skills continually, why not care staff? Also, when staff receive similar or consistent education, training and professional development, standards of care practices can be regulated across the organisation.”

Kyra Moss, Chief People and Culture Officer, Home Nursing Group. Please click here to read more….

Creative recruiting, quality management: Innovation in Care - ACC Member Stories

Creative recruiting, quality management: Innovation in Care

“We recently established a strategic partnership with a recruiting company, where they interview, screen, reference check and recommend new employees for our vacancies. This process has been very successful with a great calibre of new employees starting with us. A new project supporting our recruitment drive includes requesting potential employees to complete our dedicated ACC Online learning plan, which has been designed by us. This step provides our team with confidence that potential employees have sound IT skills; we can introduce our positive and supportive culture towards education and ensure we meet our legislative requirements in relation to training. This step has continued to improve our selection process.”

CEO, Matthew Cragg Warrina Homes. Please click here to read more…

How you do life

How you do life.

Adult learning is ‘how you do life’. We should all be continuously learning. The challenge and the opportunity for our PAC Community Team was addressing the need for a consistent, standard and accessible way to implement continuous learning across multiple sites. PAC Community Team has worked hard to develop a culture of learning to deliver quality care outcomes of the people in their care, however the training model of solely face-to-face learning relied on the ability and the drive of individuals.”

David Fleming, Community Programs Manager at Presbyterian Aged CarePlease click here to read more…

Passion and Profit Rolls - ACC Member Stories

Profit Rolls and Passion.

“Success is the first thing that comes to mind when I think and talk about our weekly Education sessions. Every Wednesday morning the hallways are abuzz with staff as they ask “are we having ‘Profit Rolls’?” This is the name some of our staff have given to our famous Profiterols”. It has been fantastic to observe the change within our facility toward Education. The culture within our facility is all about up-skilling and when people are willing to learn we can only soar to greater heights.”


Pam Teschner, Quality Coordinator at Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution. Please click here to read more….




Why do organisations learn - ACC Member Stories

Why organisations do learn.

“Despite initial challenges and even fears about adopting ACC Online learning, everyone has been really positive,” says Judie “The flexibility of easily coordinating learning plans for staff, or groups of staff, with programs relevant to their role is extremely important to me. For example, our hospitality team aren’t required to complete all of the clinical or personal care programs but are engaged and are enthusiastically completing programs more tailored for them. Currently 76% of staff have enrolled on to ACC Online and I will continue to strive for 100%!”

Judie Traecey, ACFI / Education Coordinator at Dougherty Villa. Please click here to read more….

Helping Hand - ACC Member Stories

Sometimes change is about having faith in your people.

“There were some challenges, of course, and many of these related to needing assistance with using technology. Our IT staff combined with their own team members supported them when needed. And the best part of all – there was a total of 1178 completed topics across a total user group of 420. That is nearly three (3) topics per employee! That’s around 589 hours of learning! At the end of the day – it was our staff who made this project a success! They are amazing! I ALWAYS had faith in their acceptance and their ability to embrace change for continuous learning!”

Julie Goods, Director Workforce, Helping Hand. Please click here to read more…

Customer Service Excellence at Bethanie - ACC Member Stories

Customer service excellence is paramount.

“ACC Online has an easy user-friendly interface and the programs can be viewed anytime and anywhere. This offers flexibility for our staff and ultimately reduces stress levels, for example, staff having to leave the floor to attend training. The significant cost savings  realised from reducing back fill has already allowed us to deliver more strategic education initiatives. A 10% decrease in training costs across the organisation is substantial saving and assists in meeting our goal of driving efficiency across the organisation.”


Chris How, MBA.,BA (Sc) MAICD, Chief Executive Officer, Bethanie. Please click here to read more…

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