The Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent institution (RFBI) was founded in 1880. Over 137 years later and in the beautiful New England (NSW) town of Glen Innes, the team at RFBI Masonic Village continue to acknowledge the rich heritage bequeathed to the organisation through the leadership, vision and commitment of those who have gone before.

Like many rural communities, Glen Innes is the birthplace of many notable Australian’s including writers, architects, bishops, actors, sportsmen and women. Margaret Fulton, Australia’s first and most famous cookbook author grew up in Glen Innes, having moved from Scotland with her family. We have a feeling Ms Fulton would support how RFBI Masonic Village in Glenn Innes have combined profiteroles, passion fruit slice and education to support the quality care of older people.

Success is the first thing that comes to mind when I think or talk about our weekly education sessions at Glen Innes Masonic Village.

says Pam Teschner, Quality Coordinator at RFBI Glen Innes Masonic Village.

In 2016, Pam approached the General Manager of RFBI Glen Innes Masonic Village, Mr Bernard Beatty about coordinating a weekly education session in their current activities and education room.

I also asked if we could persuade our wonderful cook, Mrs Irene Gallagher if she could consider supplying some of her delectable food delights to entice the staff to attend. Little did I know that she would produce her now famous “Passionfruit Slice” and “Profiteroles”.

Every Wednesday morning at RFBI Glen Innes Masonic Village the hallways are abuzz!  The staff are all checking out whether they will be having ‘Profit Rolls’, which is the name staff have affectionally given to Mrs Gallagher’s Profiteroles.

Weekly education sessions are underpinned and supported by ACC. Pam said the 2017 course guide has proven to be a very valuable learning resource with current and concise information for all levels of staff and management. The diverse workforce educational needs include hotel services and maintenance and care staff. Education sessions are open to all staff and flyers are placed within staff rooms and nurses stations, encouraging all staff to attend the weekly upcoming session.

“It has been fantastic to observe the change within our facility toward education. Our attendance has continued to climb from 6-7 staff attending to 28 staff in attendance. Staff even come in on their days off. We have even had staff going home for a few hours sleep after night duty and then coming back to attend education sessions. What an inspiring effort!

Staff are continually consulted about what education they want to attend from ACC  and also courses offered through New England TAFE. After every Education session healthy debate is exchanged between
staff. Some points of discussion include:  “can we use this idea within our facility” or “we are already doing that but we can do it better”.

The culture within our facility is all about up-skilling. I would personally like to congratulate our Care Manager, Mrs. Lea McCarney and the management team who fully support and encourage all staff to embrace the importance of education within Glen Innes Masonic Village.

When people are willing to learn we can only soar to greater heights”, says Pam.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” – Simon Sinek

ACC would like to congratulate Pam and her team as well, such a brilliant example of an #outstandingteam The work they are doing exemplifies how we also think about engage, inform and inspired learning to support the outstanding care of older people. RFBI Glen Innes Masonic Village is a valued member of ACC. ( We wouldn’t mind trying some of those Profiteroles and Passion Fruit Slice that Mrs Gallagher makes either!) 

For more information about RFBI, please visit the website or RFBI Glen Innes Masonic Village, please click hereIf you would like to share a #GreatCareStory and promote your own #outstandingteam with the ACC Community, please contact us at here with a short description. Thank you and we look forward to sharing.

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