Dear Colleague in Australia,

Further to speaking at a number of conferences in Australia on our Culture Change movement in Care Homes, Dementia Care Matters is delighted to now be working with 3 Butterfly Residential Aged Care Home Projects in Port Broughton near Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane.


Feedback from the first 3 Butterfly Home Projects is below :

Before the Project commenced, Mum said she felt like she was in jail – I’ve noticed a huge difference in Mum recently.

It’s so much more than physical changes, its addressing emotional and spiritual needs.

The first 6 months has been a profound change – people are becoming more alive

The improved relationships we have observed in response to changes  implemented so far has been  phenomenal.

We are now seeking 3 further Butterfly Care Homes in Australia for Phase Two of our work and would really welcome contact from Homes who wish to formally provide an Expression of Interest.

We will be most grateful if you could forward this to any interested people or organisations and we look forward to continuing our Culture Change work in Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

With every good wish.

David Sheard ( Dr ) | CEO / Founder, Dementia Care Matters. For further information, please download the brochure here.

About Butterfly Homes.

Recognising that managers and staff struggle to change cultures of care through training alone, care homes can contract with Dementia Care Matters for a one year culture change programme known as a Butterfly Project. Dementia Care Matters has pioneered a ‘Household model’ where 3 elements – Leadership Consultancy, House leader/Nurse Coaching and the “Being a Star®” learning programme for staff are led by a Dementia Care Matters Project Consultant. For more information about Dementia Care Matters and Butterly Homes, please click here. 

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