What are the benefits of being part of the ACC Community?

We often hear and see the debate raging about what should be covered as mandatory training for care staff, how often refresher training should be undertaken and how organisations struggle to afford to release staff off the floor for the required training in this tough commercial environment.

At ACC we strongly believe we need to work towards engaging, informing and inspiring people to learn, rather than be trained. People can attend training and be told what to do; the trainer can tick off the attendance sheet and, assuming the person has stayed for the entire session, hand out a certificate at the end. But what real outcomes are achieved? What level of confidence does the trainer really have that those who attended will take the knowledge back to their organisations and apply good practice, consistently?

A key factor of any successful organisation is their “great people”. These people form a community who believe in the organisation’s reason for being and commitment to delivering valuable outcomes. In the same way, a community of learners in an organisation form a powerful and supportive group who will encourage and inspire each other to learn. Using ACC programs, tools and support materials the staff develop themselves – firstly as individuals and then as a community, delivering high quality support for the older people they care for.

Our valued members have a strong sense of community and a commitment to ongoing learning. Supported by ACC and nurtured by the leaders, managers and supervisors of these organisations we work with.

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