ACC is passionate about improving the quality of care provided by staff, and ultimately the lives of older people. We aim to engage with staff, inform them of better care practices and inspire them to positively change care practice and behaviour. Program development is guided by a consultative approach with our partners, industry subject matter experts and our valued members.


ACC programs feature real care environments and real staff, intentionally highlighting the human face of care. Our goal is to enhance the experience of both staff and older people in the care environment with engaging topics and stories of real people.


ACC programs demonstrate the practical differences that can be achieved through incremental changes in behaviour and aim to inform care staff on the most relevant and current practices.


ACC programs and supporting resource materials are purposefully learner centred. They are concise, reflect adult learning principles and meet the needs of those with culturally and linguistically diverse (‘CALD’) backgrounds. Our programs and resources are designed to stimulate discussion and debate among care staff and to inspire learners to deliver high quality care through continuous learning.

To measure the effectiveness of our philosophy of learning, ACC utilises the Kirkpatrick (1994) model of evaluation. This systematic management model has a focus on the provision of a broad set of tracking measures and quality indicators.

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