Over 75+ high quality TV courses covering a wide range of core subjects for staff in residential and homecare care settings, including mandatory topics like:

  • Care Certificate: including courses to meet the required 15 standards and to deliver an effective, robust and thorough induction
  • Mental Health: including courses covering Dementia, Depression, Bipolar and Schizophrenia
  • Care and Clinical: including courses on Diabetes, Stroke, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Dysphagia, Wound care, Oral Hygiene, Bathing and Grooming
  • End of Life Care: including courses on Grief and Loss, Communication, Symptom Control
  • Risk Management: including courses on Manual Handling, Infection Control, Safeguarding, Falls Prevention, COSHH
  • Wellbeing: including courses on Person Centred Care, Dignity in Care, Cultural Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Human Resources: including courses on Effective Supervision, Effective Written Documentation, Duty of Care and Teamwork
  • Courses for Registered Nursing staff and senior care workers. Eight new subjects a year including courses: Use of Syringe Drivers, Managing Urinary Catheters, Administering Injections
  • Homecare: 10 new courses a year covering subjects such as Sensory Loss,  End  Stage of Life Care, Oral Hygiene and Showering

”It quickly became apparent that there were significant benefits in terms of cost, quality and time.”

Pierre Falleth, Owner,
Milford Care Group

For consistent and quality learning that will engage, inform and inspire your staff to provide better care outcomes across the entire care home, please contact us.

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